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Hey there, I'm Matt – your go-to educator and ed-tech enthusiast. Welcome to my Substack space, where we dive deep into the exciting realms of inquiry-based learning, ed-tech innovations, and podcast production.

Interested in making education more engaging and effective? So am I! Let's explore the captivating world of Inquiry-Based Learning. Discover innovative teaching methods, nurture curiosity, and watch your students flourish.

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Join me as I interview educators from every corner of the academic universe, crossing disciplines to bring you fresh perspectives. I also sit down with authors and ed-tech companies to unearth the latest innovations. All of this is geared towards one goal: enhancing your teaching and elevating the student experience.


For educators embarking on their journey into the realm of IB MYP and DP, a treasure trove awaits. Delve profoundly into meticulously crafted, specialized materials tailored to empower both you and your students that have worked well in my classrooms. Within these resources lie the keys to not merely managing, but profoundly enhancing these programs, rendering them nothing short of exceptional.

Not an IB teacher? No problem. These resources are universally applicable and you will find them extremely useful.

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