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Rethinking Math Education: A Dive into Assessment and Classroom Inquiry

Rethinking Math Education: A Dive into Assessment and Classroom Inquiry

The Inquiry Teacher Podcast

Join me for an insightful conversation with Melissa Dean, an educator on a mission to revolutionize math education through innovative assessment methods and classroom inquiry. Melissa shares her expertise, offering invaluable advice and practical strategies for new teachers looking to implement inquiry-based learning in their math classrooms. Dive into this episode to discover how Melissa challenges conventional norms, empowers student curiosity, and redefines assessment practices in mathematics.

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  • Find Melissa on Twitter: @dean_of_math

  • Engage with her insights across social media platforms under the same handle, 'dean_of_math.'

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Join us as we unravel innovative teaching methodologies with Melissa Dean, paving the way for a dynamic and engaging math classroom experience!

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The Inquiry Teacher
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